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Apr 19

Giặc Pháp bạo tàn
Không bào mòn núi Các Mác
Thực dân vơ vét
Không làm cạn Suối Lê – Nin
Ngày đêm róc rách chuyển mình
Như dòng lịch sử nặng tình non sông…
* * *
Đất Cao Bằng có hang Pắc Bó
Đón “Già Thu” bí mật trở về
Ba mươi năm chẵn bộn bề
Bôn ba hải ngoại nặng thề nước non.
* * *
Suối Lê – Nin hỏi hang Pắc Bó:
“Người làmchi heo hút ngọn đèn?”
“Người đang dịch Sử Đảng (Nga)
Soi đường cho dân tộc đi lên”
* * *
Núi Các Mác hỏi hang Pắc Bó:
“Người làm chi giọng nói thanh thanh?”
“Người đang họp Việt Minh
Khắc chạm nên tượng hình tổ quốc”.
* * *
Cả bộ ba (Núi, Hang và Suối)
Cười thì thầm (gió thoảng rừng xa),
Nụ cười thông cảm chan hòa
Như hình gắn bó Nước nhà – Vĩ nhân
* * *
Hang có biết sau thời gian ấy,
Giữa đô thành lộng lẫy cờ hoa,
“Già Thu” đọc “Tuyên ngôn độc lập”
Khai sinh “Nước Việt Nam Dân Chủ Cộng Hòa”?
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bfsdgsfgdN5 Email Homepage
2014/11/20 05:24
One of the wonderful things virtually the craft of photography is having a roomy array of subjects to prefer from. Anything the photographer enjoys can be captured to treasure forever,whether it namely a family memory among the making alternatively a colorful sundown Photographing animals has its own set of challenges, advantages, frustrations and joys.
Luis Mejia of Mejia Photography is a freelance photographer living and working in Aruba. Due to the finite mall there, he works amid several areas including fashion,fascination weddings, animals and more. Although he has only been a professional photographer for three years, he has been shooting since 2001. He uses Nikon equipment for shooting and Paul C. Buff products as lighting.
"The is charm only seen amongst someone's eye,merely one could never explain the true depth and color of namely picture total moment," says Mejia of his inspiration to take up the craft of photography. "Such a moment could only be told through a image,through a lens, from a camera,all from one person who took the image That namely what drew me to it and that namely what I attempt to arrest Its an art; this namely what inspired me surrounded the 1st district and this is why I do it today."
While many folk are experienced of taking quite nice pictures of animals, it takes a special touchand a lot of practiceto take a shot namely actually stands out. Mejia discusses some important considerations as taking pictures of these particular subjects.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Photographing Animals
For someone who loves animals, photographing them can be either quite fulfilling and frustrating at the same time As Mejia says,ugg boots, "You need to be very patient while you photograph animals; its not a person namely you can adviser how to pose as the camera. In animals everything goes spontaneous, you need to be ready always the time: good-looking settings,agreeable lighting and of course good-looking eye to capture the utter picture Sometimes it takes 10 to 100 frames equitable to win the an image"
Depending aboard the day of the shoot, the subject may be among a particularly non-compliant mood, refusing to stand alternatively sit still, rolling over to lick themselves the moment the photographer tries to take a shot, trying to nibble up the set, jumping nearly and striking along their handler,alternatively simply hiding among the brush and refusing to come out Animals can be unpredictable, so the humans involved must be ready to go with what the animals are prepared to give.
However, Mejia goes on to advert"On the one hand, animals are quite hard to control occasionally and it takes a while to win the perfect picture On the other hand, they are always prepared as a shoot no material what. They don't need any acquaint up,not need to pose and they don't need the absolute laugh And best of all they never complain virtually the picture"
Read aboard
Pet Photography Made Easy
How to Take Action Photos within the Mountains
Start a Photography Hobby
The great thing virtually animals namely is they are constantly cute alternatively beautiful (as adapted among a diversity of original postures, so watching them among their native environment constantly provides many opportunities and inspiration as amusement alternatively dramatic shots. With smaller pets favor dogs and cats, they can be brought into a studio and posed with toys alternatively other props,or they can be posed outsideproviding a lot of opportunities for a variety of shots. The key to success is knowing namely animals personality and bringing it out surrounded the image.
"Depending aboard the animal I ambition do research before a shoot]," Mejia explains. "Its quite important to know nearly the animals action for some animals get fearful when they perceive you alternatively when
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2014/06/26 02:43
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ué mais qu'on ne retrouve pas dans une situation classique où une personne dit la vérité,water consumption air jordan concord pas cher, c'est ce que met en évidence le détecteur.
Sauf que lui le sait. Je précise, comme je le fais sur cette page que par expérience personnelle, j'ai inversé les de
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un imprimé seventies rigolo,être encore utilisé air jordan gamma blue après Peel 0ff, à porter avec une paire de socques à talon et le cheveu élégamment bouclé. [.] Maison Martin Margiela réinterprète la chemise d'homme dans une robe ultracourte, impeccablement ajustée. Et Sonia Rykiel imagine un modèle p
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